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    Craig Wallace Guest

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    I am looking to make a quiz with a question on each page that allows a user to rank a statement from 1 to 4 and then change the available choices in the next combo box. I have seen it done with 2 boxes based on what the user chooses from the first but I need to get four responses. I can already pass the answers to the next asp page to keep a running total.<BR><BR>Is it better to do this in javascript or can this be done with asp.<BR><BR>The only database interaction would at the end where the username, score total would be written to a access db file. And that is no problem.<BR><BR>Just building the dynamic combo boxes..I&#039ve seen it with an activex control but would want to get away from download it to the user&#039s machine...<BR><BR>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Craig Wallace

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    David Mann Guest

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    I highly recommend JavaScript for this application, as it can directly interface with the Document Object Models that let you get AND set the form.option.value properties and the .selectedIndex properties that will let you dynamically generate drop down&#039s based on user input. JS will also keep you from having to constantly re-generate a page via ASP.<BR><BR><BR>Unfortunately, this would take a very lengthy discussion to talk about right now, and I&#039m supposed to be working.... heh My suggestion is to snag some resources on handling/accessing a form&#039s objects&#039 properties via JavaScript.<BR><BR>Good luck on it, my friend, and if I can find some more time or you&#039d rather have a live chat or something, perhaps we could go into it then.<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR> --David

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