How do I strip anything that is not numeric...

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Thread: How do I strip anything that is not numeric...

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    Default How do I strip anything that is not numeric...

    ...from a request.Form?<BR><BR>Let&#039;s say that someone enters "HI" into a field that&#039;s expecting a numeric value. I want to be able to prevent users from doing this.<BR><BR>Does anyone have an ASP or even a JavaScript solution?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default client or server side?

    If you want to do it client side use javascript. Search google there are plenty of javascript numeric validation scripts out there.

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    Default Regular Expressions..

    .. are great for just this purpose.<BR><BR>Javascript:<BR>function stripAlphaChars(pstrSource)<BR>{<BR>var m_strOut = new String(pstrSource);<BR> m_strOut = m_strOut.replace(/[^0-9]/g, &#039;&#039;);<BR><BR> return m_sOut;<BR>}<BR><BR>ASP:<BR>Function StripAlphaChars(ByVal pstrSource)<BR>Dim m_strOut<BR> m_strOut = Trim(pstrSource & "")<BR>Dim m_objReg<BR> Set m_objReg = New RegExp<BR><BR> m_objReg.Pattern = "D"<BR> m_objReg.Global = True<BR> m_objReg.IgnoreCase = True<BR> &#039;m_objReg.MultiLine = True<BR><BR> m_strOut = m_objReg.Replace(m_strOut, "")<BR><BR> Set m_objReg = Nothing<BR><BR> StripAlphaChars = m_strOut<BR><BR>End Function<BR><BR>Note: the only reason you got code is because I had it handy.

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