Hi everybody,<BR><BR>today I encountered an interesting "feature" when using .aspx pages on the Mac using Netscape 4.7. It is not a functional issue but something strange concering font-types. You can&#039;t change the font-family to something else than the "good ole" Times New Roman. For example the following line displays text in a sans-serif font on all all browsers on Mac and PC:<BR>&#060;font face="verdana,arial,sans-serif"&#062;Font-Test&#060;/font&#062;<BR>or<BR>&#060;div style="font-family:verdana,arial,sans-serif"&#062;Font-Test&#060;/div&#062;<BR>But it only works if the file has an extension other than .aspx!<BR>If you save one of these lines as test.aspx then Netscape on the Mac will just ignore the font-family, it does show colors and all other attributes though. If you view the page source from within the browser then it&#039;s absolutely identical, but the result is different between .aspx and .html or .asp. This is definitely a BUG within the Netscape browser on the Mac, but it makes .aspx pages nearly useless for me because many of our clients use just that: Mac and Netscape (you know those design companies :-) ).<BR>Anyway: Is there a way to assign some other extension than .aspx to ASP.NET files so that that stupid browser still can display it properly. If there is a way then please tell me since I don&#039;t want to rewrite all the modules in old shitty vbscript.<BR><BR>Thanks a lot in advance<BR><BR>Martin