What the SCOOP about "Server Side "in ASP ????

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Thread: What the SCOOP about "Server Side "in ASP ????

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    Hi! everybody,<BR><BR><BR>I have been reading a lot that ASP does server side scripting <BR>and all that.<BR><BR>What does server side scripting mean? how is it better than<BR>a client side scripting ? How are server side scripting and <BR>client side different from each other??? In the end isn&#039t it just the exchange of data between client and server....???<BR><BR>what&#039s the SCOOp??<BR><BR>Any response will be helpful,<BR>thanks.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Server-side scripting means that the script is run before (or while) the HTML for the page requested is being sent. This means that you can build pages dynamically by inserting variables where HTML would go - the client sees only &#039flat&#039 HTML and knows (and cares) nothing about the way in which it was produced. In ASP this means data (say from a database) or the content is somewhat separated from it&#039s presentation (the HTML that composes the web page). Large amounts of data are much more easily manageable in a database than in HTML pages, n&#039est pas?<BR><BR>Yes, in the end it&#039s exchange of data between client and server, but, at a very high level, that&#039s what Information Technology is all about. ASP in particular is powerful because it&#039s a scripting environment - it doesn&#039t force you to use one particular language and it provides the ability to call components - executable files - to provide virtually any service you can imagine.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Richard

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