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Thread: connect to sql serrver with ODBC

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    Default connect to sql serrver with ODBC

    Hi- for ever basically I have connected to sql server with a dsnless connection - anyway this one site I must now use a control panel style odbc - i have set this up and so in my asp code i have<BR> mydsn="contactDsn" <BR>which is what i called the dsn - I get an error saying No permission to connect -- I guess this must mean that IUSR_MACHINNAME doesnt have permission to connect to sql server - but i cant work out how to add an anonymous user to sql server users - I am using sa authentication and using sql server 7.0 - Looked for tutorials on google too... any tips or useful links??? thanks a lot <BR><BR>:)

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    Default permissions issue

    I think you answered your own question. This is a permissions issue. Seems like your user INTERwhatever needs permissions assigned.<BR><BR>?

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