Hi<BR>I am new to asp and I am trying to have &#039mc.asp&#039 appear in a frameset. My frame set is made up of 3 frames &#039banner.asp&#039,&#039mc.asp&#039 which is where I want myresult set to appear and &#039info.html&#039 which will have a page appear when one of the hyperlinks is pressed from the resultset. If I query the db and to just show &#039mc.asp&#039 by itself it works fine. But when I target &#039mc.asp&#039to appear in the frameset I am only seeing the heading from the db not the rest of the data. I even took out the header from the code to see if the first row of data would appear, but that did not work. I am using windows 98 personal web server and frontpage. If anyone know how I can get the results page to appear with all of the data with in a frameset I would appreciate it.<BR>thanks in advance,<BR><BR>gina