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    hi<BR> I have aproblem regarding the date Format<BR>In one IIS Server the date filed which i am retrieving from the database is being displayed as 4-15-02....(i.e 15 th April 2002)<BR>while in another IIS Server the data is being retrieved from another database is being displayed as 15-April-2002<BR>I havent used any date format to display the date in the ASP page....Moreover in both the databases the date is present as 15-April-2002..and the ASP page in both the IIS servers are same<BR>Need your Help soon Mr.ReaperMan<BR>

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    I had a problem like this once before, one IIS server was set up with the American date as default, the other was set up with British as default. Setting them both to British solved the problem for me.

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