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    Hello all-<BR><BR>I am developing a prototype of a web application that will be responsible for receiving data from a connected device. I&#039;m doing this with a friend and both of us are venturing into uncharted waters.<BR><BR>We think we want to use SOAP or XML (they are kind of the same if I understand correctly) but we&#039;re not totally sure.<BR><BR>My question is, is it possible to transmit XML in a way that is similar to a FORM post? To be more clear, in ASP we have the REQUEST object that can listen for or atleast grab a forms data. Using XML, if our device was to transmit data in XML format to the web server, are their any means to grab it?<BR><BR>I understand that this question does not mak emuch sense, but I have to start somewhere with this and I&#039;m unclear as to how all this works together. Is it even possible to *send* or *post* data in XML? Does XML onmly live in a physical file?<BR><BR>Sorry for the vague, somewhat gibberish post, but hopefully someone will understand ;)<BR><BR>Thanks-<BR><BR>Steve

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