How can I redirect an entire website?

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Thread: How can I redirect an entire website?

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    Default How can I redirect an entire website?

    I am currently running two separate identical websites (it started off under one domain, then we moved to a new domain, but still have the original and so have kept it to support old links) Whenever we make changes to the site, we must update both sets of code, and its becoming a pain. Basically, is there a way to have a redirect or something where if someone tries to go the the old address, it will automatically forward them to the new one? Something in the global.asa or something? TIA<BR><BR>Pete

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    Default You can do this in IIS.

    Right click on the app, and properties. Then at the top, it gives you a radio button to set it up as a redirect.

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    Default Change the DNS entries..

    .. for the original domain.<BR><BR>Do 1 of 2 things.<BR><BR>1) Change them to be A records and point them to the new domain.<BR><BR>2) Change the IP address they point to, to point to the new domain.<BR><BR>Both of these things are going to blow up in your face if you are using Hostname Headers (or whatever it&#039;s called).

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