Hi Everybody,<BR><BR>We’ve just released a new version of QuickAdmin, an ASP.NET native component for building site back-end interfaces.<BR><BR>Many programmers build data maintenance interfaces from scratch using datagrids and lots of hand-coded logic. QuickAdmin lets you build all of this in just a few lines of QuickAdmin code – saving a great deal of time and effort.<BR><BR>You can use QuickAdmin to generate interfaces that are attractive and easy to use, suitable for both customer projects and for administering in-house sites.<BR><BR>Main features:<BR><BR>* Search, view, add, edit and delete functionality in just a few lines of code.<BR>* Build powerful search interfaces with minimum effort.<BR>* Extensive customization possible via attributes and style sheets.<BR>* Event support for integrating your own business logic.<BR>* Handles huge databases with ease.<BR>* Full Intellisense support, MSDN-style help, free telephone support.<BR><BR>Download a fully-functional evaluation copy at www.QuickAdmin.net.<BR>