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    Ryan S. Guest

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    I have a real problem. I have a page that contains 4 dropdown list boxes.<BR><BR>They are all dependant on the one above it for what data appears.<BR>List1 - Country<BR>List2 - States<BR>List3 - Counties<BR>List4 - Cities<BR><BR>The values for all of these are pulled from a SQL Server database. When a user changes the selection on List1 then List 3 and 4 should go blank and List 2 populate with the possible choices if list 1 was selected.<BR><BR>I am stuck on this one...Any ideas?<BR><BR>

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    I believe this could be done using XML or making another trip back to the server. I have also seen this type of thing done in Javascript on carpoint.msn.com.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    Well, not knowing much about XML (or how useful it is currently), I&#039d suggest having a JavaScript wait for onChange() then swap the URL to one with an appropriate request.queryString. (ie: location = "myScript.asp?c1=" & myform.value) <BR> I think this is allowed, but I haven&#039t touched JS in months, so I know the syntax is wrong.<BR> I&#039ve done the "No trips back to the server" dynamic boxes before and the amount of time you&#039d waste by loading all of the data for all of the contries kills any advantages...<BR><BR>Cheers!

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    Try this:<BR><BR>http://www.atgconsulting.com/doublelist.asp

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