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Thread: how to load a processing page.

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    I have a function that will be called from the dll using asp but the problem is the copying function is way too slow..i need a page written there "processing..." some kind like loading...that we used to see in web pages when the page still not ready to be displayed...<BR>how do i wrote that? please help..<BR><BR>The second question is that the copying function only allows one user to copy the files at one time..what should i use to deny another user access when the first user&#039;s transaction is not i use cookies or sessions?<BR>please help.<BR>thanks in advance.

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    1. You need to open a page using Javascript say and look into some variable in which the status of copying will be there...... Hint : Use Global variables in DLL and access this to know the status from another function in DLL. Now you can track. The page you are calling from Javascript will contain the message you wish to show (or even you can display a progress bar for the % of work completed)<BR><BR>2. This can be done only with Application variable and not with session variables or cookies. Even Application variables are bit tedious. Better have a table and update the field with some value so that you can understand that there is a person accessing the page and whenever you open this page you can refer to this field in the table and show or redirect accordingly.<BR><BR>Hope this hint / help is not confusing you !!!!

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