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    i am writing a if then statement where i check to see if the first 4 characters from the from match what i want and then display message accordingly<BR><BR>if left(t1,4)="9810" then<BR>email=t1+"" <BR>response.write (email)<BR><BR>in the above code it check for 9810 and if it matches then the email is created, how do i make it march multiple things in the same statemet, eg. it chould also check for 9812 and 9813<BR><BR>thanks<BR>

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    if left(t1,4)="9810" or left(t1,4)="9812" or left(t1,4)="9813" then

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    select case left(t1,4)<BR>case "9810", "9812", "9813"<BR>&#039; do whatever<BR>case "9910", "9912", "9913"<BR>&#039; do whatever<BR>case else<BR>&#039; do something else<BR>end select

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