weird ie5.5 & 6 IFRAME progress bar behavior

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Thread: weird ie5.5 & 6 IFRAME progress bar behavior

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    Default weird ie5.5 & 6 IFRAME progress bar behavior

    hi,<BR><BR>i&#039;ve got a jscript in which i&#039;m setting the src to an IFRAME dynamically. the code works fine in ie 5, 5.5 & 6. But there is an unwanted side-effect in IE 5.5 & 6.<BR><BR>Even after the whole page has been downloaded into the IFRAME , the progress bar (the bluish thing in the status bar)continues to march on . although I waited long enough it never really reaches the end. The activity stops if i initiate any other event on the page. This happens only in IE 5.5 & 6 & there is no trouble in IE 5.<BR><BR>has anybody else noticed this queer behavior & found a workaround ?<BR><BR><BR>TFYT

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    Default never happened to me

    I have scripts that dynamically change the iframe&#039;s src with javascript, and it works the same in all 3 flavors of IE you mentionned. <BR><BR>What if you were to load that iframe page alone. Something isn&#039;t loading fully on that page. You sure your script is correct? <BR><BR>-Vadim C.

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