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    Hi. I got a new computer. I figured wrong when I figured that it would have IIS installed. I quickly learned that WIN XP Home Edition has no support for IIS or PWS for that matter. I have been thinking of upgrading to Win XP Professional Edition. Someone noted that upgrades are not as good as clean installs. I would rather not re-format my hard-disk if I don't *really* need to. Is there anything in the works for something like a "Service Pack" from MSFT to remedy this problem on WIN XP Home? What advice could you offer? Thanks.

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    http://www.aspfaqs.com/aspfaqs/ShowFAQ.asp?FAQID=180<BR><BR>This article discusses a hack for CP Home, that will allow it to run IIS. I wouldn&#039;t recommend it.<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t mind waiting, MS has said that they will release a PWS like web server for XP Home here: http://www.asp.net/<BR>Last I heard, it should be out in a month or so.<BR><BR>Thirdly....What you heard is generally true....But I don&#039;t know that it&#039;s so true with XP Home and Pro. They are based on the same kernal, and have many similarities, save focus, and options. Personally, I wouldn&#039;t worry about upgrading from Home to Pro, especially on a fairly new computer.

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