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Thread: Problem recreating a user/role

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    I had to rebuild my machine. I made backups of all of the databases (even the master,model,msdb). I only restored the application databases I have because I would get an error when trying to restore the master the first time around.<BR><BR>So the scenario, I rebuilt my server. Installed SQL 7, restored my project databases. However now I am recreating the logins and I am having a problem. I can create the logins I need but I cannot create the user for the corresponding DB because it says that it already exists.<BR><BR>How do I fix this?

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    My understanding (someone will correct me if I&#039;m wrong) Roles are Server based logins are DB based... <BR>That is the info for a Login are saved in the Database when you do a Backup... So restoring DB should give you the logins

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