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    really simple situation, producing odd results..<BR><BR>one of the options i provide for displaying the content from my database is by date, in desc order.. most recent additions first...<BR><BR>here is the portion where i insert a new item, along with a timestamp:<BR><BR>add_mod_query = "insert into mods(mod_author,mod_timestamp) values(&#039;" & modauthor & "&#039;,&#039;" & Now() & "&#039;)"<BR><BR>no big deal.. should put in something similar to:<BR>5/28/2002 11:06:58 AM<BR><BR><BR>this is my select statement for my &#039;general&#039; display:<BR><BR>objRS.Open "select * from mods order by mod_timestamp desc", mods_DB<BR><BR><BR>heres the problem... the ordering is &#039;off&#039; in the sense that it considers (for example) this date:<BR><BR>5/31/2002 8:49:40 AM<BR><BR>to be &#039;greater than&#039; this date:<BR><BR>5/31/2002 10:36:19 AM<BR><BR>and displays the 8:00 before the 10:00... am i missing something? do i need to do additional comparisons, like with the AM and PM portions??<BR><BR>thanks all..

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    Default Field's data type?

    Is it datetime?

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