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    Hello, <BR>this is a question for anyone who is familiar with asp filesystemobject. <BR><BR>Ok this is my code so far. <BR><BR>dim ObjFSO,strPath,ObjOpenFile <BR>*strPath = Server.MapPath("info.txt") <BR>set objFSO = server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") <BR>set ObjOpenFile = ObjFSO.OpenTextFile(strPath,8,false) <BR>ObjOpenFile.Writeline (Request.Form("txtname")) <BR>ObjOpenFile.close <BR>set ObjOpenFile = nothing <BR>set ObjFSO = nothing <BR><BR>this works perfectly by putting information in a .txt file that was created in the same directory as the forum pages by using(Server.MapPath("info.txt"). now what i want to do is, instead of storing the information on the same server, is it possible to store it into a internal folder. i tried certain paths but it gives me path errors. <BR>fp = "C:AppLogs" <BR>strPath = fp & "info.txt" <BR><BR>am i missing something in the filepath? <BR>im running IIS, win2k <BR>thanks again,<BR><BR>

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    fp = "C:AppLogs\" <BR>strPath = fp & "info.txt" <BR><BR>need another slash.

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