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    I have a MS Access table with the following fields: DATE, SECTION, and DETAIL. I am trying to extract data based on user inputed date (I can do that) and then group the data (need help).<BR><BR>Here is some abreviated raw data from my MS Access table:<BR>DATE, SECTION, DETAIL<BR>4/21/02, Safety, Worker bumped head on .....<BR>4/21/02, Performance, 5 units of xxx completed<BR>4/21/02, Manager, John Doe<BR>4/21/02, Performace, 7 units of yyy completed<BR>4/21/02, Overtime, 5 hours of OT worked<BR>4/21/02, Safety, Worker cut hand on .....<BR><BR>Here is how I want to display the recordset on the web page:<BR><BR> Status for 4/21/02<BR>Manager<BR>---------------<BR>John Doe<BR><BR>Safety<BR>---------------<BR>Worker bumped head on .....<BR>Worker cut hand on .....<BR><BR>Performance<BR>---------------<BR>5 units of xxx completed<BR>7 units of yyy completed<BR><BR>Overtime<BR>---------------<BR>5 hours of OT worked<BR><BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default Crosspost. Asked and answered <nm>


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