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    I&#039ve coded a page for webcasting. Once there is data changed in my database table, I would like to have my asp page viewing my database table data able to refresh by its own, but not expecting user to press reload in Browser to get latest data. Is there anyone can help ?

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    It depends how the updates to your database ar being made, and whoose screen you want to update. If the user enters some data, and you then want to update their screen, then you need only direct them to your page, as if you were linking to a new one, and its controls and content should be changed. All others looking at the same page will not get the new data until they next request the page as the asp code resides on the server. I guess the only way to give real &#039live&#039 updates would be to do some clever tracking of the users logged on, and send updates to all these browsers, but I doubt it would be easy to do, and would probably kill your server if you had more than one or two concurrent users.

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