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Thread: SQL Query - Like (wildcard) Function!!!

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    Below is my script:<BR><BR>Set RC1 =CTD.Execute("select RETDOCID, STSDESCR, RETUDATE, Replace_Item_Number, Bill_of_Lading, SHIPMTHD from SVC05000 INNER JOIN SVC05500 ON SVC05000.RETSTAT=SVC05500.RETSTAT where ZIPCODE=&#039;"& zip &"&#039; and RETDOCID like &#039;"% retdoc %"&#039;")<BR><BR>Some how it doesn&#039;t like the "like" function when zip and retdoc are the value enter by the user... retdoc need to be wild card, user only need to type in a portion of the retdoc to get the return data...<BR><BR>Please advise!!!<BR>Thanks

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    and RETDOCID like &#039;%" & retdoc & "%&#039;")<BR>

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