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    Alan Meier Guest

    Default converting ASP to C++/COM

    We have just started using ASP and soon came to the conclusion that although ASP was great at getting an application up quickly it was extremely poor on handling errors. We are now in the position of needing to conevrt all our ASP to C++ COM objects, does anyone know if any utilities or converters are around to assist in the is process, we need one that produces modifiable source.<BR><BR>Hopefully someone will save us from having to rewrite it from scratch in C++.<BR><BR>Thanks inadvance.<BR><BR>Alan Meier

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default RE: converting ASP to C++/COM

    Do you mean abandoning the ASP environment entirely to custom COM EXEs that will run out of process from your webserver?<BR><BR>Or do you mean in-process COM Servers still running in the ASP environment??

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    Alan Meier Guest

    Default RE: converting ASP to C++/COM

    No a mixture of the two. I would like to use com for all the database calls so proper error checking can be done and in algorythmn areas so the code cannot be seen.<BR><BR>Alan

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