im creating a filesystem object with this following code:<BR><BR>dim ObjFSO,strPath,ObjOpenFile<BR>strPath = Server.MapPath("info.txt")<BR>set objFSO = server.createObject ("scripting.filesystemobject")<BR>set ObjOpenFile = ObjFSO.OpenTextFile(strPath,1)<BR>* ObjOpenFile.Writeline("hello")<BR>ObjOpenFile.clos e<BR>set ObjOpenFile = nothing<BR>set ObjFSO = nothing <BR><BR>when i use it on frontpage is works perfect, but for some reason when run the exact same code on interdev is gives me an error. in a process of elimination i get an error on the line with the *<BR>i have all the txt file added to the directory, is there something i am not aware of?<BR>thanks<BR>