Cambro have just released V1.1 of the DbCombo component - our web combo-box that autocompletes values from the server as you type.<BR><BR>An evaluation version of DbCombo is also now available, so you can try DbCombo on your own server.<BR><BR>New features include:<BR><BR>* Your server method can now be in the aspx page or the codebehind. DbCombo will intelligently search for it. <BR><BR>* We&#039;ve added many new attributes for styling the individual HTML elements. <BR><BR>* We&#039;ve added a &#039;help&#039; button. <BR><BR>* You can now turn off the &#039;help&#039; or &#039;revert&#039; buttons if you don&#039;t need them. <BR><BR>* We&#039;ve given you the ability to change any of the textual elements in DbCombo – essential for language localization. <BR><BR>* Additional examples cover using DbCombo with VB.NET and Access. <BR><BR>* New object reference document - in the MSDN library format.<BR><BR>DbCombo costs from $79. Server, enterprise and source code licenses are also available.<BR><BR>Visit for full details, and to evaluate or purchase.