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    Hi,<BR><BR>I was given some help by Rashida for paging through my database<BR><BR><BR><BR>I managed to get the desired effect but I have come across one problem.<BR><BR>I have set the no. of records per page to 3. However if the number of records cannot be divided into 3 (I have 10) only 3 page links are created. The 4th page link is not available and would have just 1 image record on it.<BR><BR>You can see the working example here<BR><BR><BR><BR>hope you can help<BR><BR>cheers<BR><BR>Mark

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    Hi Mark,<BR><BR>In the code you reference, the links get displayed using<BR><BR>&#060;% For i= 1 to objrec.pagecount-1 <BR>strlink = "&#060;filename&#062;.asp?curpage=" & i<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>I think if you change the first line here to read<BR><BR>&#060;% For i= 1 to objrec.pagecount<BR><BR>it should work. It looks like the current version will leave out the link to your last page, regardless of how many records that page contains.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR><BR>Valerie

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