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Thread: Lost sessions when moving between URLS

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    Default Lost sessions when moving between URLS

    In IIS5 I have two web sites, each with their own IP address. One is SSL, the other is not. Both point to the same directory. I have an ASP application that redirects to the SSL URL for a credit card info page. The problem is that when I transition from the regular site to the secure site I lose my session. Since both sites share the same directory and the same global.asa file, I thought the application would maintain a session between sites. What am I missing?<BR>Thanks,<BR>Paul

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    Default IIS and the browser..

    .. see these as 2 seperate sites. What you are experiencing is by design.<BR><BR>I&#039;d suggest is storing the session information in a database table and passing the ID via the querystring to that database record. You might want to store an IP address or other piece of information to keep someone from manually changing the IP address. Or, you could actually use a FORM post using a hidden form to hide the ID from the user.

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