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    Ben Welch Guest

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    Is it possible to check the registry using ASP to see if cookies are enabled, disabled or prompt. Once determined I want to be able to let them change this setting through the browser.<BR><BR>I know how to change the setting - i&#039ve found the registry entry where this is stored and by making a .reg file available to download and run I can get users to change the setting without having to go into the IE settings. The problem is reading the registry in the first place.<BR><BR>Can anyone help?

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    Ben,<BR><BR>Even if it could be done, this would be a major violation of browser security (and client privacy to boot). Modern browsers implement the concept of the &#039security sandbox&#039 they only allow the code they read to do so much; to go so far - to protect the privacy (and the hardware and OS) of Net Citizens like you an&#039 me. <BR><BR>So, no, can&#039t be done (well, maybe on an Intranet with IE where you could crank the security level down and put an ActiveX control on a page. That might be possible.)<BR><BR>You&#039re better off to simply check to see if the client accepts a cookie you write and if not, advise them that they need to accept cookies to accomplish whatever it is they were trying to do.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Richard

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    The aswer to your question is just to the left. If you follow ASP internet resources&#062;components links you would find that visiting this site will tell you what youb need to know. We know who you are!<BR><BR>

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