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    the problem is like this (see the image ).<BR>There is a Server (i.e server A) which contains all my .asp code and my database resides. <BR>The next level i.e my clients (eg these clients are using server to validate the payment transaction .<BR>Whenever any person logs in at and clicks for payments the it triggers the asp code presents on my server i.e first level.<BR>which makes the end client feel that he is leaving server <BR>The problem what I am facing is my client i.eĀ* wants a script which will be trigger out on their server and give a call to the .asp file on my server , and the output of the asp code should be returned to the script ,which inturn will reply to the end client.<BR><BR>I am able to trigger the asp code but I am not able to retrive the output of the .asp code.<BR><BR>please help me out ASAP<BR> / & html)<BR> / <BR> / <BR>server a client 1<BR>mysql <BR>asp code / client 2<BR> /<BR> (servlet & html)

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    Rene Katerberg Guest

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    You should use winsock like this:<BR>&#060;%<BR>SET socket = Server.CreateObject("Socket.TCP")<BR>domain = ""<BR><BR>socket.Host = domain<BR>socket.Open()<BR><BR>socket.SendLine("GE T<BR>socket.WaitForDisconnect()<BR>StringVar = socket.Buffer<BR>socket.Close()<BR>%&#062;<BR>The Var "StringVar now contains the entire page you requested with socket.SendLine<BR><BR>Greetings,<BR>Rene Katerberg<BR>Administrator<BR>http:\<BR>

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    phil d Guest

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    fairly new at this ( but i would like to read email through the browser is sockets the way to go? I would like to do this myself but if I have to use existing code then so be it - cheers for help

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