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    Does anyone know how to create a log in box? If so please help me. Also after my members log in I would like to be able to let them create there own websites on my WebServer. I would like there website to be so they only have to add text and there design would already be programed in, can anyone help me? Thanks

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    ... and we keep telling you to go to www.aspin.com<BR><BR><BR>j

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    the Login box... Do you mean a form-based login or NT Authenticated login? To get an NT Authenticated login box, just point to a file or directory that doesn&#039;t allow for the IUSER_MachineName account. <BR>As for the Form-based login, it&#039;s easy: two textboxes. One for UserName, one for Password. Compare what they enter into the textbox with what you have in a database, textfile, what-have-you, and show them an error message if it&#039;s wrong, or move them onto where they should go. You might want to consider some sort of encryption scheme to secure your info if it&#039;s sensitive. Maybe even implement a secure connection.<BR><BR>Building a dynamic website... That&#039;s a tall order depending on how detailed you wish to make it. For a simple one-page website, just provide some textboxes so the user can enter info into, and put that info in a database or textfile (database is WAY better, in fact, don&#039;t do it with a textfile. That&#039;s just nasty) Next, you&#039;re going to have to have a single ASP page that loads the information from the appropriate field in the database (maybe get which webpage to load from what the user clicks on).<BR>It sounds like you&#039;re just a beginner ASP developer though, so this might seem a little complex. Check out the FAQS here, as they were a great source of info for me when I started. good luck!<BR><BR>~~Chaotix

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