I want to create an active server page that logs into a remote server, sends and receives information, and then processes the information received. I have the source code of a C program that does this from windows using a windows socket. I’m not a C expert, but I think the relevant commands from the program are:<BR><BR>WSAStartup ( version1_1, &wsaData );<BR>socket ( PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0 );<BR>connect ( mySocket, &address, sizeof ( address ));<BR>send( mySocket, &myContent, numBytes, 0 );<BR>recv ( mySocket, &myResults, numBytes, 0 );<BR>WSACleanup ();<BR><BR>Is it possible to do the same thing using ASP? If so, can someone tell me what the equivalent commands are? Thanks! Julie<BR>