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    I have the following SQL statement ...<BR><BR>SELECT desktop_id<BR>FROM client<BR>WHERE desktop_id NOT IN<BR>(<BR>SELECT desktop_id<BR>FROM member<BR>)<BR><BR>Is there an faster process SQL query that will do the same thing?

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    select client.desktop_id from client left outer join member <BR>on client.desktop_id = member.desktop_id<BR>where member.desktop_id is null<BR><BR>It might be faster. If two statements return the same result, there is no way telling whether one or the other is inherently faster.

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    Default Ways to tell

    Sure there are ways to tell whether one query is faster than another. <BR><BR>1.Time it w/ a stop watch! If there&#039;s a big difference you can tell. <BR><BR>2.If you&#039;re using SQL Server you can put two queries in Query Analyzer.. Select Query -&#062; Show Execution plan and see which one took longer... Even if they both execute real fast<BR>

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