An offending file - "" on CD4 (SQL Server Desktop Engine file) - was deemed inaccessible by the VS.NET (EA Version) installation program. DESPITE my having having deselected the SQL Desktop Engine option the install program insisted on trying to access this file at the very end of the installation process, resulting in an error and me having to roll back the whole (+1Hour!) thing. Finally, VS.NET could only be installed by deselecting the entire samples section. Then, I tried the update routine to add the samples afterwards - same thing: If samples are selected the offending file will cause the entire install to fail.<BR><BR>NOW: Is there any way I may install all samples except the SQL DESKTOP ENGINE (I want nothing to do with, be it corrupt or non-corrupt! I have the whole server already!). So far I&#039;ve not been able to prevent the install from trying to access this part of the samples (and again: Deselecting the SQL Desktop Engine option does NOTHING to prevent this).<BR><BR>Best regards to you all /lumen