Hello friends,<BR><BR>I am Using Exchange Server 5.5 and want to show the mails<BR>on asp page.<BR>To do this i am using MAPI object<BR>And the script goes here......<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>set cdoSession=Server.CreateObject("MAPI.Session")<BR> If Not cdoSession Is Nothing Then <BR> strProfileInfo = "Brio" & vbLf & "Shreekant" <BR> cdosession.Logon "","", False, True, 0, True, strProfileInfo <BR> Response.Write("Logged IN" & "<BR>")<BR> Response.Write(cdosession.CurrentUser & "<BR>")<BR> <BR> Set iobox = cdosession.Inbox <BR> <BR> Response.Write("Got inbox folder")<BR> <BR> Set msginbox = iobox.Messages<BR> Response.Write(msginbox.Count)<BR> <BR> Response.Write("Got msgses")<BR> <BR> Set objonemsg = msginbox.GetFirst<BR> <BR> Response.Write("The message text: " & objonemsg.Text)<BR> cdoSession.Logoff<BR> Response.Write("Logged Off")<BR>End If <BR>%&#062;<BR>-------------------------------------------------------<BR>The output (ERROR) it gives is ....<BR>---------------------<BR>Logged IN<BR>Shreekant<BR><BR>Collaboration Data Objects error &#03900000505&#039 <BR><BR>You do not have permission to log on. [Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store - [MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER(8004011D)]] <BR><BR>/newproject/r&d/newmail.asp, line 11 <BR><BR>-------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>I tried giving permission to &#039Shreekant&#039 as administrator<BR>but still it gives the same error..<BR><BR>Also I tried the same code in Visual Basic ...<BR>There it works Fine....shows me the first msg<BR><BR>I will appreciate any help/clue from u all experts..<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Shreekant<BR>shree 80@hotmail.com<BR>ICQ 60036877