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    I am developing a project using asp, to provide printed fees receipt for college students. All data related to students will store in databases & automatic fees will calculated based on student&#039;s class. <BR><BR>Fees receipt is partially ready made (mean receipt contains name of college, different headers (only headers not amount) of fees like date, name, etc. Problem is I have to use this partially ready made receipt to print figure on it like name of student in front of name, date of payment in front of date. <BR><BR>How I can implement this using asp so that amount should be printed on correct place on partially ready made receipt? Hope my language is not hard to understand

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    Default It takes mostly some..

    .. guess work.<BR><BR>I worked on a project where we created tables and laid the data in at the appropriate places. It must have tooken a couple hundred print-outs to get the layout correct.<BR><BR>A better solution would be to use a product like ActivePDF (advertisement to the left) and create a PDF. You will have MUCH better control over the layout.

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    The partially ready made receipts are in HTML base format right..?

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