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    i stay away from them for a reason, but now i think i need to use one. here&#039;s what i&#039;m doing...<BR>sql call that returns two fields. a line of text and a page number that the line goes one. easy enough. but now i need to save the values so that i can go to the text and know what it&#039;s page number is. so i suppose that is where my personal demon is...the array. <BR><BR>once i have all the text lines and page numbers loaded from the database to the array, i need to loop through it based on page number. i have some header info to write, then page 1&#039;s text, then header, then page 2&#039;s text and so on. <BR><BR>i don&#039;t know what the size of the array will be, so i need to make it dynamic is size.<BR><BR>can anyone help me with this one? arrays are the one area that i avoid like the plague. maybe this will finally get me comfortable with them. thanks!<BR><BR>

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    Default Take a look at this


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