Okay, I think it&#039;s called Windows Secure Authentication or something like that. Anyways, we use that for logging users onto our extranet site. On one page, we have some Word documents that a user can click on to open in their browser (in a new window). This works fine.<BR><BR>But for some users, when they close the window, it prompts them to enter their password again. Whatever you enter here, it doesn&#039;t seem to do anything. It doesn&#039;t appear to be the OS, browser version, or Word version (tested on IE 5 & 6, Word 97 and XP, and Windows 2000 & XP), there doesn&#039;t appear to be any sort of trend. So I am assuming that it is a setting somewhere, likely in Word or IE itself? But I cannot find it anywhere I look, and that&#039;s why I turn here... any ideas?