Hi, <BR>i am trying to set all these variables to a .txt file using fileSystemObject after the process, but im having a bit of trouble. i tried setting the (for, next) loop into a variable, but that doesn&#039;t seem to work. this is what i have to far. i wanna keep track of a user&#039;s info. <BR>appreciate your time.<BR>&#039;"" the info i want to keep""<BR>FOR EACH ITEM IN REQUEST.SERVERVARIABLES<BR>RESPONSE.WRITE ITEM & " - " & REQUEST.SERVERVARIABLES(ITEM)& "<BR>" <BR>NEXT<BR> <BR>&#039;" file system connect<BR>dim fp, fn ,filesys,txtfile, fcn<BR>fp = "d:"****"<BR> fn = fp & "info.txt"<BR> set filesys = createObject ("scripting.filesystemobject")<BR> set txtfile = filesys.opentextfile(fn,8,false)<BR>txtfile.writel ine(???)<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR>