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Thread: Retreiving Querystring Data when URL contains Anch

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    Default Retreiving Querystring Data when URL contains Anch

    How do you send a web Client to a particular Anchor Point (Name) on a page, while also sending qerystring data.<BR><BR>I have no problems forwarding a web client to a partiular Anchor Point (Name) on a page via the pound sign (#) Anchor Name suffix.<BR>e.g.<BR>http://MyServer/ActionPage.asp#AnchorName1<BR>http://MyServer/ActionPage.asp#AnchorName2<BR>http://MyServer/ActionPage.asp#AnchorName3<BR><BR>Also, I have problem retreiving querystring data.<BR>e.g.<BR>http://MyServer/ActionPage.asp?Name=Mark<BR>http://MyServer/ActionPage.asp?Name=Mark&Age=19<BR>http://MyServer/ActionPage.asp?Name=Mark&Age=19&Status=Single<BR>< BR><BR>However, whenever I try to combine both an Anchor Name, along with querystring data, ASP is either unable to recognize and retreive the querystring data, or the web client&#039;s browser doesn&#039;t end-up pointing to the Anchor Name.<BR>e.g.<BR>http://MyServer/ActionPage.asp#AnchorName1?Name=Mark&Age=19<BR>htt p://MyServer/ActionPage.asp?Name=Mark&Age=19#AnchorName1<BR><BR >Q: Using ASP, how can I send a client to a particular Anchor Point (Name) and retreive querystring data?<BR><BR>It seems that either the HTML or ASP prevents both.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Default Try doing this

    Adding a dummy parameter at the end THEN the anchor<BR>Instead of<BR>*****es=10#Chronic< BR><BR><BR>do <BR><BR>*****es=10&Murder=T rue#Chronic

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