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    Hi,<BR>Is there a function where i can call a sql database connection, instead of using the &#060;!--include --&#062; on everypage?

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    Default Ummm, why?

    Why would you want to do it another way?<BR><BR>Here is what I use....<BR><BR>Develop a template for you site, tables and all, then cut the top of the table, up to the point where the content of the site goes, and put that in a header.asp, then cut the bottom of the table (From the bottom of the content to the &#060;/html&#062; tag in the page, and put that in a footer.asp.<BR><BR>Then in your pages, include the header and footer, that way every page follows the same layout, and whatnot, the only thing you have to worry about is the actual page content. Just include the database connection in the header file (Or include it into the header).<BR><BR>-- Whol

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