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    Default Web site in Japanese ????

    Today my director came to my cabin and said you have to do a website in Japanese.<BR><BR>I can do with images, But what about running text. Do any one have plugins to view japanese language through browser. How to make it<BR><BR>Please help. <BR>Adv. Thx

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    Default If you set the language...

    ...correctly using HTML tags, IE&#039;ll ask you if you want to install the japanese language filter...<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Is this an existing website that has to be converted? Or do you need to start from scratch?<BR><BR>I went through this drama recently having to offer a "Welsh language" option on a website site as a legal requirement. In the end I found it was easier to offer 1 link on the navbar to a page that contained all the relevant content that was throughout all the pages.<BR><BR>It saved me the time of having to duplicate each page in Welsh. Either way unfortunately you cant just convert existing content directly to Japanese, it probably won&#039;t make a lot of sense. Obviously the way things are said, and how they come across can be conveyed differently.<BR><BR>Either way you need to hire a translator to proof and rewrite the content in Japanese for you and that can be costly... that should put a smile on your bosses face :-)<BR><BR>James

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