Hey you good people... My problem is as follows:<BR><BR>I&#039;m developing a personnel administration application using ASP.NET (duh...) with an editable datagrid. In edit-mode, I have two dropdownlists with content from separate datasets (database). They&#039;re called Company and Department. Now, here&#039;s what I want: First of all, they both have to start off with the correct item selected. This info I already have when not in edit-mode, but I guess I&#039;ll have to look it up in the database once more.<BR>Second, I naturally cannot have ALL departments for ALL companies showing in the department-dropdown, so whenever the selected company changes, I need to re-evaluate the contents of the department-dropdown. These are all "standard" operations in regular ASP, but apparantly not in ASP.NET!<BR><BR>More precisely, my problem is "fetching" the selected value of the company-dropdown... No matter when I want to get it, it&#039;s seemingly not there!?<BR><BR>Hope I&#039;ve been able to explain well enough...<BR><BR>Jannik