Hello,<BR><BR>New to ASP .NET and looking for help in creating a menu structure using a DataList. Essentially the DataList will be bound to a database. The recordset returns a list of categories and sub categories with IDs:<BR><BR>ID Cat SubCat<BR>-- ---- -------<BR>10 Cat1 SubCat1<BR>11 Cat1 SubCat2<BR>12 Cat2 SubCat1<BR>13 Cat3 SubCat1<BR>14 Cat3 SubCat2<BR>15 Cat3 SubCat3<BR><BR>What I would like to do is create the following menu layout using a DataList (or whateve makes more sense for this application):<BR><BR>-------<BR>Cat1<BR> - SubCat1<BR> - SubCat2<BR>Cat2<BR> - SubCat1<BR>Cat3<BR> - SubCat1<BR> - SubCat2<BR> - SubCat3<BR>-------<BR><BR>Where all the sub-categories are hiperlinks to a page "details.aspx?id=" and pass the ID number to it.<BR><BR>Any help or pointers appreciated!<BR>TIA,<BR>George