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    I have a datagrid that has some long field names. When I go into the edit mode, when I am tabbing across to the next field, it doesn&#039;t tab all the way so that I can see the whole fieldname. It gets cutoff so I have to move the scrollbar to see what field I am on. <BR><BR>I there a way so that when I tab to the next field, it will tab all the way and show the full name?

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    I don&#039;t think there is a way to do that with .net, since this is pretty much a client side thing. You would be better off trying your luck on a Javascript forum. That sounds like a difficult problem that from the average user&#039;s point of view should be easy to fix, since they are used to seeing similar things in thick client apps. It can be tough to do some of those things in a web browser. As a remote possibility you could try turning on smartnav in the page parameters.

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