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    My application(IIS4.0, ASP2.0) has Search function that writes the search results to an comma seperated file (.csv). Actually I am creating a file system object(a text file) <BR><BR>&#039;code follows <BR>Set fs = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") <BR>Set outfile = fs.CreateTextFile(path&"\" & strFile & ".csv",True) <BR>&#039;path and strFile are being set in the code <BR><BR>and writing the records with commas , rename the text file to .csv. <BR>My application can handle lower loads of records (from 1 - 500 records) but beyond that it just hangs .. doesnt do anything. <BR><BR>To debug, I introduced a counter inside the Do .. While function and did a Response.Write of the counter to the screen. <BR>Then, my application performs the complete download (even 5000 - 6000 rows). IF I comment out the Response.Write, then my applicaton hangs. <BR>Can someone please suggest me something here? <BR><BR>note: my server has Norton antivirus. <BR>your help will be highly appreciated. <BR>

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    Heres a quick and dirty little trick:<BR><BR>Use the GetString method of the ADO recordset object. It returns your data as a string, and allows you to specify strings for your field and row delimiters, so specify "," for field and vbCrLf for row. That should do what you need, and its INCREDIBLY fast.

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