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    Okie dokie,<BR><BR>I have a test that a user submits to a database, and it gets graded on the fly.<BR><BR>The form is set up like<BR>Yes - No - N/A<BR><BR>The "No"&#039;s are what count. I calculate the No&#039;s and subtract that from 100. The Yes&#039;s and N/A&#039;s have a value of 0.<BR><BR>My problem is, I have a grade archive, and when I pull these old tests, it will show <BR>1) Whats the meaning of life? Your answer - 0 (or) 5 (5=no)<BR><BR>What&#039;s an easier way to go about doing this? Maybe some perspective on how you would set up a test and grading system? Mine sucks right now.<BR>

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    Where is the problem? You have the info in the DB and it is just a "select count(no) from table" and then just do the calc to score the test... I assume that you are using radoi buttons to take the input?<BR><BR>Bastien

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