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    I tried to describe a problem I&#039;m having and relised im not good at describing problems. :)<BR><BR>I need to fill a list box based on entry of data into a text box, without resubmitting the form each time.<BR><BR>With great help from "Lord", (you know who im talking about). I found several examples. Everyone one of can be lumped into two catagories. Either submit and repaint the page with new data or load all the catagories/subcatagories into the web page then pull data from a jscript array.<BR><BR>Great solutions, but im loading a 85,000 item part list and a 65,000 item customer list. I&#039;d like to have the user fill in the partial part number(or customer), make a trip to the server for the informaiton and display the new data in a list box, without re submitting the whole thing. (the reason here is the parts are added to a quote and there may be several hundred parts in the quote along with pricing, quantities, etc. Re-submitting the whole qoute and maintaining it will be more than a little nasty as well as slow.)<BR><BR>Again, thanks,<BR><BR>

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    Default Remote Scripting...

    Normally, I wouldn&#039;t recommend this solution, but for your situtation...<BR><BR>Remote Scripting is a way to call an ASP page "behind the scenes" of an HTML page. It uses (surprise! coming from MS!) a Java applet to accomplish this, since Java can build a connection back to the server from which the web page was served up without additional overhead.<BR><BR>This does have the disadvantage that if your user(s) disable Java, it won&#039;t work.<BR><BR>Okay, so maybe you need a second solution?<BR><BR>Hidden frame.<BR><BR>Build a &#060;FRAMESET&#062; in such a way that one of the &#060;FRAME&#062;s is completely hidden from view (except when you are debugging, you might want to give it 5% of the space, so you can display debug info there?).<BR><BR>From the main frame, you submit a form in the hidden frame. What comes back is an HTML page that includes the JS code needed to build the contents of the second &#060;SELECT&#062; list. Plus, of course, another &#060;FORM&#062; that can be submitted if the user changes his/her mind about the selection from the first &#060;SELECT&#062; field.<BR><BR>Need help? It&#039;s not hard to do this. It works from any browser. It *does* require JavaScript to be enabled in the browser, but then so does the JS array solution. At least it doesn&#039;t require Java to be enabled.<BR><BR>

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