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    I have a webform in which a report is filled out and submitted to a database. This form is used once per week by every store in the company. I received a complaint this week that this particular user hit the backspace button, and "all of a sudden" the browser went back several pages. I said if this was the case, why didn&#039;t they just click the forward button a few times. Apparently they did, but it took them somewhere else. <BR><BR>I&#039;m chalking it up to the user being an idiot--but just in case, has anyone ever heard of this phenomenon?

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    Default sounds too funny... sorry....

    Hmm, I mean, I&#039;ve seen people like my mother triple click the mouse buttons, as well as just keep her finger pressed on the enter button..<BR><BR>The backspace button works in 2 ways really. <BR><BR>1) If the form element is selected, it acts like a typical backspace in a Word document. Erases characters.<BR><BR>2) If the IE Window is selected/given focus to, then backspace actives that Back button of your browser. <BR><BR>The only thing I can say for bringing the person SEVERAL pages back is that they kept their finger on the backspace button way too long and it went back in their current doc history. <BR><BR>AS for going forward and not getting data back, maybe the form&#039;s data wasn&#039;t refreshed.<BR><BR>Anyways, funny story.<BR><BR>Vadim C.

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