Hello,<BR><BR>I am having some problems with the registered version of Jmail and wondered if anyone else has seen the same thing.<BR><BR>I am using the Jmail component to get mail from a standard pop3 server. I am finding that some (very few) emails arrive into my database with no body text and no html body. They are just a blank string. The other properties (date, message size, sender etc) are all fine. All other emails arrive okay.<BR><BR>Since this ASP page works *most* of the time, the ASP is obviously correct. There is no scripting acting on the body or HTML body before it is stored into the database and no program errors occur. <BR><BR>I know that this is not a sending issue, because if I get Jmail not to delete the email from the pop 3 server, then I can see that the body information is there with a different email client.<BR><BR>Dimac (the makers of JMail) have not responded to this problem in two months and so I wondered if anyone else had seen it?<BR><BR>DC<BR><BR>