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    Hello,<BR><BR>Could any one please help me out in sessions?<BR><BR>when i logout from my account,i should not see once again the previous page when i use back button in the browser.for that one i need to kill that session.for that purpose i used session.abandon in the logout page.still it is not working fine.<BR><BR>is that necessary for me to write a global.asa file and mention about the sessions in that?moreover is that necessary for me to compulsory write global.asa file for the complete application?<BR><BR>please tell me where to write the session code.<BR><BR>regards<BR>vijay

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    If you click on back button the page is actually given from the client cache. <BR><BR>your logout page is fine.<BR><BR>search for "disabling back button" in FAQs. you willl get some answer..

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