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    I actually have two questions and I hope that someone can help me out. My first question is that I would like to know how to create a really good log in with ASP but I don&#039;t know how to, is there someone out there that will be able to show me step by step how to do it or help me with it or something? My second question also deals with my first questions, after the people log in with there user names and passwords, I would like them to be able to create there own site on my server, for there site I would like to have a design all ready set up so that they only have to add pictures and text. This would really help if anyone could help me. Thanks for everything...<BR><BR>USAquaFan

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    first question : www.aspin.com<BR>second question : well, why not. you may find some info at the same site, but beware - there are big security implications in allowing folks to upload ASPs to your server. it&#039;s an involved topic

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